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Our Adviser Support Framework is provided on an annual basis, currently at £450 p/a. The framework is kept up to date and we are responsive to incoming regulatory changes, including the proposals in CP2022/20 and of course Consumer Duty. Our framework includes:

Achieving Suitable Outcomes
Suitable outcomes are achieved for clients when three elements of financial planning are captured and considered by the adviser:

1) Fact-Find & General Objectives
Capturing factual information. Basic questions about the client, their family, their health, dependents, work, plans for the future and goals etc

2) Attitude to Risk & Capacity for Loss
AtR: Determining the level of risk the client is willing to take when choosing investments to reach a savings goal
CfL: This considers the clients ability to absorb falls in the value of their investment without it materially affecting their standard of living

3) Investment Preferences & Objectives
Capturing the clients preferences across the investment spectrum of capital. How the client would like their money to be invested: Targeted & Traditional investing, Traditional Investing including Environmental, Social & Governance factors, Sustainability objectives: Improvers, Focus or Impact, applying personal beliefs and values via Ethical Investment

How can ESG ACCORD help? 
ESG Accord supports financial advisers by providing them with sustainable compliance solutions in the form of a full spectrum of capital compliance framework.

The ESG Accord full spectrum of capital Investment Preferences & Objectives compliance framework process is for all clients and all funds.

The simple user friendly framework slots into a firm’s existing processes to enable suitable outcomes (COBS, PROD & Consumer Duty) across the full spectrum of capital.

Crucially, most clients will not need to complete ESG or Sustainable preference questionnaires; the process allows the client to make an informed choice about their investment pathway and the client can choose to leave the fund’s investment strategy, themes & goals to the discretion of the Fund Manager(s).

Training is also available (time cost basis), for Senior Management, internal compliance officers, advisers and admin staff.

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